Welcome to the skin flow complex algorithm (SFCA) project page.

SFCA is a fast visualization tool for molecular skin surface (MSS) modeling and study. For PDB files (*.pdb) less than 1000 atoms downloaded from protein data bank [1], the rendering part takes about 2 seconds to complete (tested on an old machine with CPU @ Duo Core 2.33GHZ).

The SFCA project download links: Sofware; Paper; Code.

To start, download Software,

(If the link is not working, since the current server does not support .exe downloading, pls download the code and compile it with Visual C++ 6.0 (the old version))

press File->open, select file type pdb and input any pdb file downloaded from protein data bank. The following window will appear:

Press the "..." button, select your input pdb file again, input a relevent solvent radius value and press "OK". The MSS is rendered by pressing the button "SubMC":

Different patches (Sphere or Hyperboloid) can be selected and distinguished using different color, by clicking "Clip RBT" and "RBT" frame on the lower left corner:


We provide links to some of the PDB files used in our tests:






[1] Helen M Berman, John Westbrook, Zukang Feng, Gary Gilliland, TN Bhat, Helge Weissig, Ilya N Shindyalov, and Philip E Bourne. The protein data bank. Nucleic acids research, 28(1):235{242, 2000.


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